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«TechnoChimReagentBel» company was established in 2015,
working in the sphere of the preparation, purification and
reagent treatment of the different water systems

Over the period of 5 years the company targeted CIS markets specialized in realization of imported reagents for comprehensive approach to problems of water handling on enterprises in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries. Huge direct experience and theoretical knowledge was accumulated within this period.
Our company has its own production center in Grodno manufacturing more than 600 product items registered under the trademark «PuroTech».
The areas
One of the areas of focus among the wide range of manufactured products is reagents for trouble-free and continuous work of cooling systems.
The range of reagents for maintenance of suchunits includes:
  • Reagents for preventions of all type mineral scales on equipment surface;
  • Reagents for biocidal treatment of systems preventing organic scales;
  • Reagents protecting equipment made of various materials against corrosion;
  • Reagents for equipment cleaning from mineral and organic scales.
The work of the company is focused on ensuring best results with maximum customer satisfaction and minimum costs.
This can be achieved due to:
  • Good theoretical background and direct experience of our specialists;
  • Wide range of manufactured reagents;
  • Individual approach to each enterprise;
  • Constant service control;
  • Usage of modern test equipment for main parameters and technical systems and reactant treatment automation control;
  • Raw materials directly from the manufacturer.
Company`s quality management system «TechnoChimReagentBel» is certificated by international organization on certification for compliance with ISO 9001:2015 international standard.
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TechnoChimReagentBel, LLC
Dzerzhinsky st. 116a, Grodno, 230005, Belarus